Living with bird – day #327


You begin to change your perspective on what you value in this world, when the vast majority of your personal affects are covered in shit.

That’s not a metaphor.

I’m talking about shit.

Bird shit from my loving companion, Millie; the beautiful, miraculous and fantastic scaly-breasted lorikeet I crossed paths with, by chance, one wonderful Tuesday morning.

Millie’s story began on 28th April 2015.

It was around 8.00am and I was in my office typing away at my keyboard when I heard to sound of a bird chirping.

It wasn’t the usual, run-of-the-mill, everyday bird chirp sound… it seemed a little different.

This went on for some 20-30 mins before I payed proper attention.

I stopped what I was doing and turned in the direction of the sound.

Walking over to the east side of the office, to the warmth of the rising sun, I saw a little green creature staring back at me through the window.

This creature proceeded to chirp incessantly and then began tapping at the window with his beak.

I stood there staring back, a little perplexed, for a good couple of minutes…

Once I snapped back, I went over to the window and began to unwind the security latches.

With the action of opening the window Millie withdrew, and moved away some 6 feet down the window ledge.

I attempted to beckon the bird but he was too shaky to heed my call.

I eventually gave up… and crawled out onto the ledge of our office building (some 8 floors up).

With my knees still locked on the ledge (technically still “inside the office” and no OH&S issue), I reached out and opened my hand and heart.

Millie came inside, ever so slowly, and then ever so eagerly.

Thus begins the story of Millie.

And he’s been sitting on my shoulder ever since.

Let shit rain.